World War 1 / MK 1 Kukri knife

Kit inspection of  (pos. 1/4 Gurhka Rifles) in France during World War 1.

"MK 1" Official British Indian Military Standard Issue Gurkha Kukri  -

(also known as The Great War Kukri)

Original military piece, marked "F.W",

Brown leather scabbard marked "1904",

Fat/short wallut wood handle,

Official MK 1 pattern ,

World War 1 / 1904.

Very Good - Good condition


Overall 45 cm long, 35 cm blade.


With great pleasure we are honoured to present this rare and highly sought after "MK  1" Official British Indian Military Standard Issue Gurkha Kukri, from  the ealry 1900`s., that is at times refered to as the Great War Kukri.


The MK 1 Kukri is one of 5 issue model/standard pattern Kukri knifes of the 20th Century and a must have for any serious collector!

It is s strict Military issue Kukri that was made for hard service to Indian and Gurkha troops serving in the colonial British Indian Armed forces.

It would have been carried and used in and outside of Nepal and India, among others in North West Frontier Area, Mesopotamia, Western Front (france), Gallipoli (Turkey) among other places.

It is belived the MK 1 was made and issued inbetween ca 1903-1915. and most likely  made in India.

The original scabbard of classical design is covered with dark brown leather, and comes with a belt frog, bronze tip and is stiched on the back.side.

The markings of the  scabbard ; on back side "1904" along with letters that are not clear,

and in the front :




While the formiddable blade carries the markings of : "F.W" for Fort William,  the Military HQ of British India in the early 1900`s.  Following the Official Standard Issue features of the MK 1 the Kukri has a sunken nut fitting on the buttplate of the beautiful walnut wood handle. The buttplate also carries the number 6 or 9.  The blade itself is in good-very good condition and has a large kaudi, with four dot stamps  and two dot stamps on each side(a quality test) and retains its original finish. Three very small nicks on the top of the blade, otherwise in exellent shape for such a old  and rare Kukri.

Overall 45 cm long, Blade 35 cm, Handle 11 cm (incl bolster).

Weight ca 789 g (only kukri).

A Superb Kukri that is very hard to find!

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