WW2 Military Chirra Kukri
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World War 2 Military 3 Chirra Kukri.

North India /Nepal


A Original & genuine late World War 2 Era Military "3 Chirra" Kukri; with three fullers (aka Tin /3 Chirra).

Overall 41,5 cm, Blade 31 cm, Handle 11 cm.

The Blade speaks for itself beyond any doubt that it was made for serious duty and war following a early MK5 design.

The black horn  is solid and has some traditional patterns carved into the handle;

  it may have been made in North East India, specially Darjeeling and Sikkim areas,

two large areas of Gurkha / Gorkha recruitment

and a well known region for high quality Kukri knifes.

Diamond rat tail brass fitting to handle.

  Complete Scabbard with brass rim, karda, chakmak, pouch pocket

and like the Kukri reflects a superior quality of the middle of the 20th century craftsmanship.


Very Good condition.


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