World War 2 Gurkha Issue Kukri MK2
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 World War 2 Gurkha Issue Kukri MK2

Marked "SA 19" on handle.

Overall 44 cm, Blade 33,5 cm, Handle 11 cm.

A fine WW2 knife of the Gurkhas, original brown standard issue scabbard with "TED" engraved into the leather.

Overall in fine condition with some  wear and tear after 60 years!

Fulltang, riveted handle, buttkeeper and

a classical WW2 Kukri that was used by the Gurkhas and allied forces serving in and from India.


Standard Issue MK 2  Kukri WW 2

The Khukuri (Kukri), the National knife of the Gurkhas,  is one of the  most  famous and unique  fighting knifes ever developed.

Native to the mountain Kingdom of Nepal, the Gurkhas are known as the bravest of the brave, most generous of the generous and a corps de elite. They have fought along side the British and Indian military since 1814/1815 and today form a integral part of the armed forces of Nepal, Britain and India.

The Gurkhas have since the first encounters with the British in the late 18th century been famed for their bravery, valour, discipline and thier knife, the Kukri.

  It has  a forward leaning  blade, which provides the user with a maximum  striking power. The kukri is  not only a deadly war weapon but more so a  everyday tool, the Himalayan Victorinox.

The Kukri has been a part of the standard issue weapons  of the Royal Nepal Army since the  18th century and in the British and Indian Gurkha and Gorkha regiments since the early 19th century. The Kukri  forms  a crucial part  of the Soldier and the Regiment.

The Kukri can also often be found in the battalion or regimental insignia due to its importance as a weapon and symbol.