Gurkha WW2 era Kukri 3 Chirra
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Gurkha World War 2 Era Kukri 3 Chirra.

A  late World War 2 Era Military "3 Chirra" Kukri,

characterised by its three fullered blade

which gives the blade extra durability and a greater effect.

Overall 41 cm, Blade 31 cm, Handle 11,5 cm.

The Blade speaks for itself and goes beyond any doubt that it was made for WAR and USE.

This Kukri is a fine example of some of the best Kukri knifes made in Asia during the middle of the 20th century!

Its our honour to carry such a fine blade and we hope the next caretaker will be as pleased with this Kukri as we have been,

it truly has captured the spirit of the Gurkha - steadfast, loyal, reliable, brave and when needed intimidatingt!

The lovely green horn handle has traditional carvings as often found in eastern Nepal and North East India,

old areas of Gurkha / Gorkha Recruitment.

These areas are also known for making high quality blades for the Gorkha and Gurkha Regiments.

  Complete Scabbard with brass rim, karda, chakmak, pouch pocket

and like the Kukri reflects a superior quality of the middle of the 20th century craftsmanship.

A similar Kukri can be seen carried by a Gurkha following WW2 on side.


Very Good condition.