10th Gurkha Rifles Ivory Kukri

10th Gurkha Rifles Ivory* Kothimora Kukri.

A beautiful high quality original 10th Gurkha Rifles Kothimora style Gurkha Kukri knife with white bone handle, complete with karda, chakmak and hanger band, all in excellent condition.

Measurements –

Overall: 37 cm long Kukri

In Scabbard: 39 cm

Blade: 26,5 cm long.

Handle: 11 cm (incl. bolster).

The Kothimora Kukri is traditionally carried by Kings, Nobility and higher Military Officers. In the Gurkha Regiments it is also given as gifts and presented upon retirement. This particular piece was given to a British Officer of the 10 Gurkha Rifles who served in the Far East. More about the Kothimora can be found by pressing here.


The exceptional Scabbard is dressed in red velvet and covered in repousse silver work showing the regimental crest of the 10th Gurkha Rifles along with other motives; Lion/Tiger head, Crossed Kukri knifes over a six pointed star, Peacocks, shield-crest, floral patterns and a silver band around.

The regimental insignia of the 10 Gurkha Rifles along with the unique features this Kukri was a presentation Kukri from the Regiment, based in the Far East until 1994.

The Ivory handle is in good condition overall but has a minor split/crack going through, nonetheless a useable fine Kukri.

The Kukri itself is a showpiece of excellent workmanship of the post-WW2 Era.

The blade in traditional design, reminiscent of the Sirupate style is lethal and reflects the eastern tribes that traditionally enlisted in the 10 GR. The Eastern Nepali Gurkha Kiranti group consisting among others of Rai and Limbu. Traditional fullers towards the top of spine from handle.

Karda and Chakmak (the two small knifes) are both with Ivory handles.

A lovely regimental presentation Kukri.

*untested,  no guarantee Ivory.