Nepal Army Officers Sword

Nepal Army Officer`s Khadkha Sword.

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199 usd

Ceremonial Khanda Sword used by Officers on Official duty and functions. The Khanda Sword is hugely popular in the ancient myths and art of Nepal. This Sword was bought in Kathmandu at a Military Supply Shop in 2014. Overall in excellent condition. Blade is not sharp as it is a ceremonial weapon that is rarely found on the market or even in Nepal.

100% genuine and original.

Overall 89cm , Blade  72 cm, Handle 16 from butt plate tip to bolster, inside hand area 11 cm,  Blade- width (min-max belly): 1,4 - 2,6 cm, Spine 0,4 cm.

Includes original scabbard.

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gurkha kukri khukuri kothimora crossed
gurkha kukri kothimora ivory
world war 2 sirup ate kukri
7 Gurkha Rifles, Duke Of Edinburghs own Gurkha Gorkha Ghoorka Kukri Khukuri Insignia crown flakland hong kong malaya british nepal india ww1 ww2 world war gurkhas antiue sirkukri

"Gurkha Kukri Kothimora"

Post WW 2 Kothimora Kukri with golden crossed Kukri knifes and silver decoration.

395 usd

gurkha antiques world war 2 kukri mark 2 sa 19 mark issue british indian gorkha gurkha nepal regiment

"World War 2 Gurkha Issue Kukri MK2"

Original WW2 issued Gurkha Kukri, "SA 19" marked.

295 usd.

"Gurkha Kukri Kothimora Ivory"

Post WW 2 Dui Chirra  Kothimora Kukri with silver and gilt decoration.

495 usd

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"RFI 1926 MK2 Kukri"

Rifle Factory Ishapore marked MK 2 Kukri.


"Military Crescent Moon Kukri"

Gurkha Officers Kukri from the time between WW1-WW2.


"7th Gurkha Rifles Regimental Kothimora Kukri"

Regimental presentation Kukri with Insignia of the 7th Duke Of Edinburgh`s Own Gurkha Rifles.

295 usd.

10th Gurkha Rifles Kukri Khukuri Kothimora Officers Quality
gurkha antiques rawalpindi RPA marked 1942 World War 2 WW2 Kukri khukuri knife blade sirkukri scabbard complete fighting knife

"RPA 1942 WW2 Kukri MK2"

The Classical MK2 with RARE Rawalpindi marks.

495 usd

"10th Gurkha Rifles Kothimora Kukri"

Regimental presentaion Kukri with two sets of 10 GR insignia.


remington bayonet 1917 us military united states of america army buy sell purchase gurkha nepal gurkhas

"Bayonet 1917 Remington US Army marked."

More info to follow.


nepal maharaja maharajah king royal kukri khukuri knife sell buy purchase dana shah bahadur gurkha gurkhas gorkha fine blade weapon traditional gurkha antiques vk kunwor viking krishna gold silver chape mount scabbard military army gift presentation kothimora

"Royal Nepal Maharajah Kothimora Kukri


Coat of Arms."

Extremaly RARE Royal Kukri knifes on sale in early 2015.

A fewRoyal  pieces from the Permanent collection of Gurkha Antiques & SirKukri for sale. 

Please email for more info.

British gurkha officers war period gurkha antiques "Gurkha Rifles Officers Crescent Moon Armoury Kukri nepal army khukuri workd war india 1 2 officer knife sword sirkukri sell buy purchase auction historical rare antique

"Gurkha Officers

Cresent Moon

3 Chirra Kukri."

late 19th-early 20th Century.


gurkha antiques "Gurkha Rifles Officers Crescent Moon Armoury Kukri nepal army khukuri workd war india 1 2 officer knife sword sirkukri sell buy purchase auction historical rare antique

"Officers Velvet Kothimora  Kukri."

Very RARE stamps/marks.


Indian Army GORKHA Rifles Regimental Militaria,

bought in Government Authorized Military Supply shops in Dehradun, New Delhi and Varanasi, 2014.

Hat badge, Shoulder badge, Belt buckles and more.

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Jai Gorkha!

Nepal Army Militaria Items for Sale.

Hat badge, Shoulder ranks, epaulettes, rank slides, officers badge, sword, khukuri, kukri, khanda, kora, khora, tulwar, swagger stick, axe, traditional weapons, sun, moon, crescent moon, gurkha, gorkha, gorkhali, Nepalese Army, Nepali Sena.

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