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All our products, where possible, are cleaned using Bio degradable materials, no chemicals, only natural products, preferably organic when possible just as it would have been 100 or 200 years ago.

Not using for example Sulphuric Acid which many Arms dealers use, our items may not be as shiny or looking like new, but on the other hand retain some of its history and in no way is the metal or any other material exposed to chemicals.


Please remember to care for your items, you are the caretaker of a unique piece of history; value it, study it and give it respect,

oil it regularly and clean it. If you want it to last its similar to a relationship;)


Shipping worldwide is available and please allow us 2-5 days to pack and prepare your item. We take upmost care to package it properly so it should reach you in the same condition it left us.

Once posted the parcel usually reaches location 7-14 working days later to Europe & USA. Other Continents ca 10-21 days.


We are a small company and have currently no possibility to take creditcards but offer Paypal as a way to complete the transaction. If this is not possible we can work some other way out usually.


A part our sales goes to support Charity organizations & Trust`s working for the Gorkha/Gurkha community in Nepal & India,

thus you are helping us to help others and keep the memory of the Gurkhas alive.


Please feel free to contact us with your questions, comments or anything that comes to mind. We look forward hearing from you!

Please consult our Museum & Professional Services Page for more information on how we may assist you reach your goals.

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