RFI 1926 MK2 Kukri
Rifle Factory Ishapore India Gurkha Knife 1926 WW1 World War 2 era period Gurkha Antiques Kukri Khukuri MK2 Mark 2 sign mark stamp broad arrow original authentic buy sell purchase original gorkha knife




A rare MK 2 Kukri / Khukuri,

clearly marked on blade:


R.F. I




a faded British India Government Broad Arrow stamp

along with what looks like the "Phi" sign is on blade too.


RFI = Rifle Factory Ishapore

1926, the date of manufacture / inspection.

M.K II = Model - Mark 2; British Military Pattern Gurkha Issue Kukri.


Overall 43,5 cm, Blade 33,5 cm, Handle 11 cm,.


The MK 2 Kukri was used from WW1 until WW2 and made in several places by several producers.

The RFI 1926 MK 2 Kukri is clearly a product of highest quality and among the finest of MK 2 Kukri knifes made.


Fulltang, double riveted handle, buttcap and a Original

black leather scabbard in excellent condition along with a brown belt frog.

Scabbard is marked vaugly " CO 1934" (or 1939) along with unrecognisable letters.


Belt frog marked;

" C (broad arrow sign) 22"




895 usd


We can only start to image the adventures of this Kukri that was picked up in the UK,

from a family with long ties to the British Indian Military.

Truly a collectors piece that should not be missed!



MK 2 Kukri RFI mark 1926 Rifle Factory Ishapore Gurkha Antiques Khukuri Gorkha Knife WW1 World War 2