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Please feel free to contact Gurkha Antiques for anything regarding:

Himalayan Arms, Armour & Art,

Nepalese history,

Gurkha regimental history,

Gorkhali culture and heritage studies,

Martial culture,

Heritage studies,

Museum studies and museum services,

Historical travels and tours.


we specialise in Kukri knifes, Khukuri knifes, Kora Swords

and traditional antique weapons

from Nepal

and the



and anything closely or distantly related above subjects.



It can be anything you are searching to aquire or wondering about,

translations of texts, apprisals of antique items, consultations, lectures or just want to share or discuss.

Learning is a ongoing process that is best shared!


I look forward to hear from you!



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Viking Krishna Kunwor





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Best way to reach due to exessive amount of travelling, researching and working.



Do not forget, wouldn´t want to miss a treasure would you?!



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