International Gurkha Heritage Project
International Gurkha Heritage Project by Sirkukri and Gurkha Antiques.
International Gurkha Heritage Project by Sirkukri and Gurkha Antiques.
International Gurkha Heritage Project by Sirkukri and Gurkha Antiques.

The Project –

The International Gurkha Heritage Project

mission is to:


- collect information,

- document and

- visit


a variety of places that have a relation to the Gurkhas over the

last 200 years or earlier around the world.


The aim of the project is to carry on, help, honour, promote, sustain, the memory of the brave Gurkha soldier around the world, for the next generations to come.


May the Gurkha not to be forgotten in the annals of History.


All posts are found at SirKukri & Co.




Till date the following places have been written about-



United Kingdom:


The Chattri Memorial, The first Gurkha Commemoration site in the United Kingdom.


The Memorial to the Brigade of Gurkhas, London.


A debt of honour, Part 1 of 2 - The Memorial Gates, London, UK.


A debt of honour, Part 2 of 2 - Memorial Pavilion, London, UK.


Gouldens Gurkha Statue, ca. 1924, London, Dehradun, Varanasi & Gorakhpur.





Prisoners from a far-off land, the Indian Military Cemetery at Zehrensdorf, Germany (WW1).


From the Western Front to Eastern Europe, the Gurkhas of "Halbmondlager" (WW1 POW Camp).


Memorial List of Gurkhas commemorated at Zehrensdorf Indian Cemetery.


Gurkha Graves of Berlin, Hasenheide Garrison Cemetery.

Rifleman Kharak Sing Gurung, 1st King George´s Own Gurkha Rifles.


Cologne Southern Cemetery and A short account of the 2/8th Gurkha Rifles on the Western Front in the Great War, 1914-1915.


The Gurkha Graves of Berlin, Part 1. The Story of Riflemen Jainanda Rai & Bhakti Bahadur Rai of the 2/7th Gurkha Rifles, 1944.


The Gurkha Graves of Berlin, Part2; With the 2/7th Gurkha Rifles into World War 2.


The Gurkha Graves of Berlin, Part 3 – Iraq.


The Gurkha Graves of Berlin, Part 4 - Middle East.


The Gurkha Graves of Berlin. Part 5 - North Africa.


A Gurkha in the Kaiser´s backyard - Rifleman Haribal Thapa on the Western Front & German POW Camp 1914-1915.






Exploring the Gorkhali and Gurkha (Gorkha) heritage of North Western India.


The India Gate, New Delhi, India. A War Memorial to the brave Gurkhas and soldiers of the Indian Army.


The Lal Gate Memorial Arch, a soon forgotten memory of the Gurkha Regiments in Dehradun, India.




The Gurkha of Krakow - Kumba Sing Gurung, 8th Gurkha Rifles. Polands only World War Two Gurkha Grave.





The Battle of Nalapani at Kalinga Fort...The start of a very special friendship



In the comming period we aim to visit places in India, Nepal and Burma.


For further information please send us a email.



Jai International Gurkha Heritage Project!

International Gurkha Heritage Project by Sirkukri and Gurkha Antiques.
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